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Domestic CCTV

Need a CCTV system installed in your Leinster Domestic Property? Keepsafe Alarms offers clients the very highest standard of CCTV installation and CCTV supply. 

We stock a wide range of competitively priced High-definition cameras, which can be installed in strategic locations around a property. 

Our modern cameras record video that is stored in a large hard drive and can be reviewed. 

The property can also be monitored through a WI-FI enabled device like a computer, phone or tablet. These modern CCTV systems give clients an unparalleled level of control over their security solutions

To discuss the right domestic CCTV system for your Leinster property, get in contact with Keepsafe Alarms today.

Domestic CCTV Leinster

Since 1983, Keepsafe Alarms has been supplying clients with the very latest CCTV systems. 

We have continued to invest in the very latest CCTV equipment allowing us to remain at the cutting edge of the security industry. 

Our contemporary CCTV systems are fully integrated with communications technology allowing clients to view the video feed through their smartphones. 

Our CCTV systems can also be combined with our burglar alarms and monitoring solutions for the ultimate home security system.